Morris Township is a diverse community with a wonderful quality of life, low taxes, great schools, excellent transportation, impressive recreation programs and facilities, and a successful open space program.

Prudent planning, active listening, innovative ideas, and fiscal discipline – are the very reason that Morris Township is a great place to live. We are fortunate to have a quality of life in our municipality that is the envy of many or our neighbors, while keeping property taxes low. These are the result of years of responsible, far-sighted Republican leadership.

Good government isn’t happenstance; it is a matter of choice.
Choose to vote for Deputy Mayor Louise Johnson and
Dr. Nicole Saphier on November 7th.
When you think about Morris Township, think A S A P


  • 5th Lowest Property Tax Rate in Morris County
  • 0% Municipal Tax Increase – 2017
  • First Property Tax Reduction in a Generation – 2016
  • Moody’s Best Aaa Bond Rating/Very Low Debt
  • Dramatic Redevelopment Tax Revenue Growth Benefits Residents (Honeywell and Colgate)
  • Shared Services for Cost Containment


Smart Growth
  • Tasteful Redevelopment Keeps Township Character in Mind (Honeywell and Colgate)
  • Prestigious State-Wide Award for ‘Achievement in Land Use Planning’
  • Master Plan Reexamination Completed with Extensive Public Input
  • Improvements to Traffic Circulation/Commutability


  • Full Service Municipality with 1st Class Services
  • Two Fully Renovated State-of-the-Art Swim Pools
  • 18th Best Place to Live in NJ with Overall A+ Rating
  • Top 20% of NJ’s Best Towns for Families
  • 30th Best School District in NJ with Overall A+ Rating
  • Extensive Open Space, Parks, Gardens, Athletic Fields and Trails = 25% of Township Acreage


Public Health & Safety
  • Top 10% of Safest Cities in NJ
  • Police, Fire, Emergency Services Second to None
  • #1 ‘Kids Count’ County in NJ – Morris County
  • Variety of Programs for Active Seniors
  • Programs Addressing Alcohol/Drug Abuse and Bullying in Schools
  • Respect for the Rule of Law for Resident Safety
Vote GOP on November 7th to continue the A S A P of good local government.